• Cost of living and Scholarships

    • Studying abroad is of course also a financial question: how much does it cost? How can I cover the expenses?

    • You need to proof of sufficient funds

      … in order to get a visa. Therefore, it is not only a personal question how to cover your stay in Lübeck. You can find the current amount and further information on the DAAD website.

    • Read more in the guidebook

      … including more details, links and contact information for further questions.

    • Example Budget plan

      This is an example of a budget plan:

      Pooja is coming to Lübeck for 12 months and only found a relatively expensive appartment. She has been accepted for a scholarship and will get some financial help from her family. She also wants to apply for a job in a restaurant or at the university. The travel to Lübeck is financed from her own savings, hence these costs are not included in the calculation.

    • Overview Planned
      Months of stay 12
      Income 1.050,00 €
      Expenses 869,25 €
      Result 180,75 €



      Income Monthly Amount
      Support by family 350,00 €
      Scholarship 250,00 €
      part-time job 450,00 €
      Result 1.050,00 €
      Expenses Monthly Amount
      Accomodation (apartment) 400,00 €
      Purchases (50 € per week) 200,00 €
      Broadcasting fee 17,50 €
      Health Insurance 110,00 €
      Mobile phone contract 30,00 €
      Result 757,50 €


      Special expenses Total Amount
      Deposit (2x rent) 800,00 €
      2x Semester fee 541,00 €
      Result 1.341,00 €
    • Task: Start a budget book

      Prepare an inventory of your expected income and expenses of your stay. You can use a simple sheet of paper, a notebook or a spreadsheet.

      • You should take into account at least costs for accommodation, general purchases, broadcasting fees, health insurance and semester fees. If you already know that you will have further costs (e.g. special expenses for your studies or a particular hobby), then include these as well. If you are not sure on what expenses you have, write down your current expenses for a while.
      • Then calculate your income. This can include financial support by your family, scholarships or presumed additional wages.

      If there is a financial gap in your calculation, you should seek advice on how to cover it before it becomes a problem.

    • Download example

      You can use a simple implementation of the example as a starting point for your budget plan. For this purpose, we provide the example above

      You can easily find more detailed templates for budget diaries on the internet.